Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bloodaxe Spawn vs. Sorcerers Dragon Clan


::: mmg teringin sgt nak masukkan koleksi toys aku ni.. nampak mcm seram ajer terus cancel..
::: tapi disebabkan bestbuddy aku suka nak tengok toys aku dlm fp.. so aku pun letaklah..
::: dia happy aku pun happy.. [huhuhu].. harap2 takder yg mengigau yee.. [ekekeke]
::: aku shot waktu malam pakai lampu meja.. with dgcam 'candle light' mode
::: my big boy toys collection: Spawn Reborn & McFarlane's Dragons: Quest for the Lost King
::: [ ]

::: complete FP pictures:


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