Thursday, March 19, 2009



::: sorry lama tak upload.. bz beb..
::: ini antara pix yg belom disiarkan..
::: pokok bunga 10 pagi kat Rumah..
::: pancake A&W kat Tmn.U, Skudai..
::: Marry Brown kat Senai Airport..
::: kolam n' kerusi kat Danga Bay..
::: nite view n' Gerbang Selatan JB..
::: keje2 harian yg bz kat PG..
::: thanx my buddy yg supporting aku..
::: thanx my opismate yg kompeni aku..
::: thanx my FP prens yg windu aku..
~ peace..

::: complete FP pictures:

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