Saturday, June 26, 2010


My buddy at the Batu Layar Beach

::: The sea's only gifts are harsh blows, & occasionally the chance to feel strong. Now I don't know much about the sea,
::: but I do know that that's the way it is here. & I also know how important it is in life not necessarily to be strong but to
::: feel strong. To measure yourself at least once. To find yourself at least once in the most ancient of human conditions.
::: Facing the blind death stone alone, with nothing to help you but your hands & your own head.

::: Recently, more than ever before, I have been feeling anxious about my life. I get feelings that everything is wrong & I
::: need to change everything; my job, my colleague relationship, where I live, everything.. I feel trapped in the society that
::: hardly to say 'no' of something that is so wrong; blinded by money & power; & unreluctant to share with others. We all
::: have a greed but we think we have to want more than we need.. until we have it all, we won't be free. & happiness only
::: real when shared! After all these, I have a kind of urge to escape. A lot of people who are troubled get fantasies or visions
::: of themselves disappearing & changing identity. These things tend to remain wishful dreams in most of us. I need to
::: escape [from this 'society'] to reset my life, to feel the freedom, again.

::: The joy of life is not only comes principally from the joy of human relationships. God's place is all around us, it is in
::: everything & in anything we can experience. People just need to change the way they look at things..

~ peace


  1. Salam reactive..
    kali pertama saya baca entry begini oleh reactive.
    Saya kenal reactive mungkin dari 2007,
    semua entri atau photo reactive show
    kehidupan yg ceria dan indah.
    Mungkn kehidupan tak semua indah ada kesedihan.
    Tapi sy harap reactive terus berjuang..
    Goodluck and wish all the best for u.

  2. mungkin idea travel tu mmg ok sgt2 bagi buang segala masalah ... hope bro ok nanti

  3. A monotonous life will make our life a dull one thus hardship will come and go along the way to make it more interesting. Most of the time we will find solution to it, other time we will try to avoid it but most of the time we will get through it somehow or rather...this will make us a better person.

    Have a nice day bro!

  4. macam sedih je entry zul kali ni...
    tp mmg ada benarnya apa yg zul tulis tu...
    hope u can go tru with it..

    gud luck zul! :)

  5. ::: thank u friends!! im ok, much2 better than yesterday n before. bila dah luahkan masalah kat kawan saya, lega sikit. yerlaa bila dok lama sgt kat opis, mmg mental sikit otak. anyway im learning to calm down myself more, beside my bestfriend is coming to JB next week, im looking forward to. perhaps because the german won yesterday, makes my day alot!!! [hehehe] :D

  6. owhhhh... saya sgt adore dgn bahasa inggeris awak... :)

  7. whahhh best kan balik malaya cuti malaysia hehe :)

  8. melankolik plak entry ni.. huhu

    well.. escape to somewhere quite is a good therapy
    hope u get well soon... mentally.. :)

  9. saya baru update ... hope dpt dgr berita dari bro nanti ;)

  10. hehe let's scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. >> teruskan perjalanan dan pengembaraan anda bro...
    >> thanks for sharing...
    >> boleh gak kongsi idea kalau mcm ni...

  12. cls = creative light system by nikon

    kira cls ni mcm wireless flash ... dia pakai infrared ... hasil nya sgt memuaskan hati bro ;)

  13. salam... how r u...
    have a lovely day!

  14. bro ... apa cerita?? lama x update ni


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